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, United States



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We are looking for a creative content manager with a passion for writing original and interesting articles. Your initial obligations will consist of the regular writing of articles on a required topic. The range of topics is diverse, so you will never be bored. For example, it may be an article with some useful tips, a guideline, or a story about some life event. Your secondary obligation will be writing reviews of the required services. You must have great analytical skills and be attentive to details to cope with this type of task well.

at least 3 years of copywriting experience
great writing skills
an ability to search and analyze information
excellent teamwork skills
an ability to meet deadlines
an ability to assert and prove your position
a nice sense of humor

Additional skills:
We need a team player who is open to different views. We always discuss important issues in a team, and thus, everyone has a right to vote. Our team is always ready to listen to all offers and suggestions. That’s why you must have good communication skills and be open to criticism.

If you are an ambitious person who admires creating interesting content, we would like to see you on our team!

Last Modified on Jul 31, 2018